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Now this! My parent got diagnosed with a chronic illness

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

As a child you often imagine your parents as invincible people.

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As an adult-child, this image can quickly disappear with the diagnosis of a chronic illness, like MS, cancer, or dementia.

Having a parent with a chronic illness (any long-term illness that can last or recur over a lifetime) can be completely overwhelming. Feelings of fear, worry, guilt, sadness are but a few of the emotions you could be going through. These are normal reactions to learning about a parent's diagnosis. While there could be many steps to take in one moment, consider the following to get the support you need.

Enlisting the Right Support Team:

  • Familial support: whether biological or chosen, family is family. Find the people closest to you that you can confide in. Having one person that will support you is unfair to yourself and them. Broaden your familial support, think of a few family members or friends that you can ask for help. When you broaden this support system you can guarantee that someone you want will be there when you need them most.

  • Social support: identify groups of friends (big or small) that you can count on to bring you out on the town or into the woods if you need it. Letting them know you are going through a harder time with your family can help them understand to stay nearby and stay attentive to your needs.

  • Communal support: find support services around you, such as a spiritual gathering space, community centre yoga class or therapist's couch! These communal services offer different support. They are neutral third-parties that are removed enough from your familial and social networks, but that can provide much solace.

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