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Mental Health Services

Online Counselling

One on one phone or video counselling sessions

We offer online counselling sessions, which means you can continue accessing emotional support through a phone or video call.

Sessions are 50 minutes

Chronic Illness Counselling - BIPOC man holding painful hands

Chronic Illness Counselling

Emotional support for people living with a chronic illness or condition

As chronic illness counsellors, we help people who have recently been diagnosed or are living with a chronic illness lead healthier lives.

Trauma Counselling

Safely and gently heal your trauma experience

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, and all can have devastating impacts on your life. Start your healing and deepen your self-awareness with trauma informed counselling. 

Image by Anthony Tran
Image by Karl Edwards

Anxiety Counselling

Feel less anxious with emotional resiliency

Build your emotional resiliency and awareness to reduce and stop anxious thoughts and feelings from taking over. 

Depression Counselling

Improve depressive mood with insight, reframing and deepening of awareness

As counsellors who work with people with depression, we offer different therapeutic strategies and tools that help to gain new insights about depression, reframe current perspectives and improve depressive mood.

Depression Counselling - man sitting in waitroom feeling depressed
Grief Counselling - Two women sitting on couch crying after a loss

Grief Counselling

Get support for your grief and loss

As grief counsellors, we can help you more forward with your experience of grief and loss. Grief and loss come from many different experiences, find out if we can be a support.

Individual Counselling

One on one in-person therapy sessions for healing and growth

In one-on-one sessions, we work together to find space for you to explore your story, make connections and start healing. 

Sessions are 50 minutes, in-person

Image by Joao Cruz

Workshops and Presentations

Workshops and presentations tailored for your team
or community members

We provide workshops and presentations to support groups and organizations on emotional wellness. Past topics have included grief and loss, caregiver burnout and role changes, and mood changes in chronic illnesses. Workshops and presentations vary in length and price.

Contact us to set up your event

Programs and Services Consulting

Programs and services specifically developed for your clientele

As a Programs and Services Consultant, Myriame can work with your organization to develop and implement the support services that your clientele is asking for. 

Image by John Schnobrich
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