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Our Clinical Counselling Team



Hello there,

Are you a practicum student looking for a secondary site? Are you a registered counsellor looking to grow your caseload?

Maybe our team is right for you!

As it goes with many private practices these days, the number of people interested in starting counselling therapy is growing at a fast rate. I am so grateful that more and more people are seeking support for their mental health, and I hate waitlists. With the intention to better navigate new counselling requests, I am looking for a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) or practicum student who works from an emotionally-focused and somatically-informed approach to join my team.

BONUS if you:

  • Currently work with individuals living with or affected by chronic illness(es)

  • Have interest in working with this clientele


  • RCC or CCC designation, in good standing with respective association

  • Carries professional liability insurance

  • Knowledge of AEDP, IFS, EMDR, SE and/or EFT

  • Available for +3hrs per week

  • Offers virtual sessions

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