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I'm Jillian

a trauma-informed Registered Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver, BC

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC, MEd) who uses a holistic approach to help clients build self-compassion, deepen awareness, and create the changes they want in life.


She uses emotion and somatic focused approaches and integrates research from neuroscience and psychology.


Background & Approach

In a counselling session, you can expect me to be supportive and curious about who you are and your inner world. I provide empathy and validation alongside questions and feedback in order to help you work towards your goals for counselling therapy.

I value helping people find relief from inner pain, and am curious about what brings them joy. I support people to live fuller lives where they feel connected to themselves in an authentic freedom. I believe everyone can heal from past pains and traumas, and can create a life for themselves that they feel proud of. I know this is true given my time supporting childhood survivors of sexual abuse and adults who have faced complex childhood trauma.

I will focus on emotions that come up in session and be curious to what these emotions might be communicating. By listening to emotions and different parts of the self, I help people connect to their body. I will use techniques from Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Somatic Inquiry (SI) to do this. I will also integrate findings from neuroscience and psychology, like how our brains make predictions about our body and the world, or how our perceptions can inform patterns we feel stuck in. I will use Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) to help manage and reduce the severity of chronic pain. I will use theories like Acceptance and Commitment Theory or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help make sense of what we can and can’t control.

I am honest and genuine during session, and I encourage feedback to know if our counselling work is helping you. I also enjoy focusing on what is going well in your life, and I make time to celebrate your successes and growth. By the end of our session together, my intention is to help you feel understood, and for you to gain more clarity and insight into what you need to support yourself.

Education & Certifications

Masters of Education (M.Ed) | University of Northern British Columbia

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #17913) | British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors

San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training: Core Mental Health 

BCACC Foundations of Supervision (40 hours) January 2021-April 2021 

Decolonizing Praxis: Supporting Survivors After Assault

Level One Narrative Therapy

CBT Basics

Understanding Grief with Nancy Reeves 

Crisis Intervention and De-escalation

Walking in Her Moccasins 

Working with Aboriginal Populations 

Sexual Assault Response Team Training

Pain Reprocessing Therapy – Basic Training

Assertiveness Training in Clinical Practice

Areas of Support

I have a special interest in working with individuals living with chronic illnesses, and those experiencing:

Chronic illness and pain management

Childhood sexual abuse

Recent sexual assault

Trauma recovery and PTSD

Burnout and compassion fatigue

Depression and grief/loss


Helping professionals - nurses, counsellors, social workers, etc.

Life transitions and big life decisions

Family dynamics

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