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Phone and Video Counselling Sesssions

Hi There!

In consideration of the growing concerns around the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus), I wanted to let you know of an optional change in service for your counselling sessions.

If I haven’t told you yet I offer phone and/or video counselling sessions in addition to regular in-person sessions. Get more info!

I am, and always have been, committed to providing clean, comfortable and healthy spaces for our clients. As a quick reminder to protect yourself and others:

  1. Stay home if you are feeling sick (with a cold or flu symptoms)

  2. Wash your hands often

  3. Clean surfaces (cellphones, keys, computer keyboards, etc.)

  4. Avoid big social gatherings

PS - if you have recently traveled in one of the countries listed below within the last 14 days, regardless of exhibiting symptoms or not, I’d advise that you limit contact with others for 14 days. This means self-isolate and stay at home.

  • China

  • France

  • Germany

  • Hong Kong

  • Iran

  • Japan

  • Northern Italy

  • Singapore

  • South Korea

  • Spain

For updated information about the outbreak please read here.

Thank you tremendously for your understanding and cooperation as we keep our clients and Vancouver as safe as can be!

Stay Strong,


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