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Anxiety - Learning to live with it

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

While anxiety is not new, there are many different ways of successfully "dealing with it". Whether that's through self-help books, podcasts, online forums, in-person support groups, or counselling, treating anxiety is not linear.

Anxiety is not always bad. From an evolution standpoint, anxiety (the feeling of fear, worry or apprehension about what's the come) has helped us to survive in our environment. It is our natural response to stress. In the 21st century, the primal instinct that once helped us escape a gorilla attack may not need to be used in the same way.

If anxiety gets in the way of your performance at work or school, or interferes with your relationships with family and friends, you may want to talk with a healthcare professional. Even if it's not getting in the way of your life, but you feel more stressed than usual, you may find relief in talking with someone. For some, anxiety may be situational and short lived. For others, it may be generalized and long term. When you reach out to a professional, they can help you find the source of the anxiety, and help you learn to cope better.

There are many healthcare professionals out there successfully helping people cope with anxiety. If you are looking for help with your anxiety, contact me. We can book a session to explore ways for you to cope better, or I can provide you recommendations for other trusted counsellors.

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