• Myriame Lyons

Healing Trauma: Unlock Yourself From the Ghosts of Your Past

Disclaimer: Some of the writing below is deemed sensitive. Read slowly, and take care of yourself (e.g., go on a walk, sip some soothing tea, watch a TV show, talk with a loved one or friend). This article was first published for Local Health Integrative Clinic.

person standing tall in the sunset

Have you ever found yourself reenacting a moment or a scene from another time with another set of characters? Maybe it was that cold shoulder you gave to a colleague, or zoning out during a scene of violence in the movie theatre. It is not unusual for us to conjure up or reenact memories from our past. It becomes challenging when these memories are frightening, disturbing, miserable, and/or disgusting, and negatively impact our physical, mental and emotional states.